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The mission of Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals is to inspire women around the world, to pray for revival among us and to encourage unity. Through our daily devotional ministry, which is Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals, we reach hundreds of thousands of readers throughout the world every day and have received countless testimonies of spiritual growth and transformation in the lives of many.


7 reviews for DOTK Devotional App (IOS)

  1. Kayla

    This Devotional reminds me of the most important lessons on my best and worst days . God really speaks to me through your words and I’m so greatful you take the time to help me, a complete stranger. May god bless you infinitely.. always sharing this with friends when they are trying to form a relationship with god or just needing him . Thank you again please don’t stop, you have helped me more times then you can imagine 💜

  2. Vicky Johnson

    I love you Mrs. Keisha your devotion and spoken words from God has helped me for years especially when I was in a bad relationship and God wants me to separate myself now that I’m free from that relationship I’m striving to be a woman of God and your devotions to help me so much plus I hear God speaking through you to me so please continue on thank you.

  3. Pricilla Arroyo

    God definitely speaks through your devotionals. I have had sunny and rainy days and these devotionals are very important to my heart.

  4. Anesha

    This devotional is extremely inspiring , you never know where god may land you. I’m glad I found this it has helped me to continue to push forward on the days I wanted to give up and lose hope. It shined a light in some dark places in my life, so continue to motivate and push individuals on their journey with god.

  5. Lynn Schweigert

    Can’t get app to open last few weeks. Wondering why?

  6. Lynn Schweigert

    Love devotions so very inspiring. Miss being able to open app.

  7. Neysha

    Hello I have a question Why I can’t download the app in my iPhone ?

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