NEW! Daughters of the King Daily Devotional Book (Volume 2)

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Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals impact hundreds of thousands of readers from all over the world. Within these pages are 365 God-inspired devotionals, prophetic messages from God’s heart, and prayers, in chronological order, that will uplift and strengthen your walk with the Lord.

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33 reviews for NEW! Daughters of the King Daily Devotional Book (Volume 2)

  1. Wendy B Hambrick

    I tried to preorder its not responding to merchant page.

    • admin

      Hi Wendy, sorry you are experiencing issues with the payment method. While this issue is being resolved, please consider paying via check or money order. You will see the option has been added to the payment options. Thank you!

  2. Tawana

    I tried twice. It’s the same for me as well. Not responding when I click paypal.

    • admin

      Hi Tawana, sorry you are experiencing issues with the payment method. While this issue is being resolved, please consider paying via check or money order. You will see the option has been added to the payment options. Thank you!

  3. T. Sharpe-Richmond, VA

    Good Evening,

    I have also tried a couple of times with no success. After reading the responses to the other two comments; I still have been unsuccessful with finalizing my purchase.

    I’ll try tomorrow!

  4. Linda Seymour

    Good Kesha, first I want to thank you fir having a beautiful deep-seated faith and trust in our Father God. Thank you for encouraging everyone to stand on the solid Rock of Christ Jesus and fight the enemy, clothed wuth His mighty armour.
    I really need your new book but I live in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa- Zulu Natal, South Africa. Please direct me to where I can go.
    Thank you, Kesha.
    God bless you.

  5. Lorena Burlett

    I love daughter of the king daily devotional
    I am so thankful for this people that has been used to help me to stand in the most difficult moments in my life.
    May our Lord bless you with a double portions in your life.

  6. Lorena Burlett

    I love daughter of the king

  7. Joyce E Sample

    Site not responding. It will not allow the order to complete process. Please advise

  8. Temitayo Odewusi

    Thank you for the divinely inspired devotionals! The Lord has been using you to direct and guide my footsteps. May His name be praised forever!

  9. Toni Edwards

    Thank You so much for your obedience to DADDY (GOD). HE has definitely been using you as an Anointed vessel to speak into my life.

  10. Rechelle

    Thank you Sis Kesha you have been a truly blessing to me over the last 5 years and may God continue to use you and your ministry

  11. Tonia Childs


    Although, I have not read your book as yet, I am sure it will be the enlightenment, inspiration and directional, I have received your devotionals. I found you when I was going through “somethangs”, lol! GOD Has used His Power on You to touch so many Hearts, Souls and Minds to find Him! You have definitely drugged me to the water and girl I am drinking it up! I can’t wait to get my copy. Is it possible to get a digital version? I’d like to put it in my phone and have it with me always, like have your app and the Bible.

    Thank you Heavenly Father for Keshia! Amen!

  12. Andree’ Cornish

    Daughters of the King devotions are helping me to grow up spiritually & maturely in the Lord. Thank you so much Ms. Trippett for all your work in the Lord.

  13. Christine Davis

    Daughters of the King app has been a source of encouragement to me & I would really like to say thank you & thank God for using you Kesha Trippett. May God continue to bless you in every way Keisha.

  14. Sharon Hatchett

    Thank you. To God be the Glory! I love you and your Obedience. DOK has given me life!!

  15. Alexandria Innis

    Excellent devotion

  16. Almira Robinson

    Thank you so much for this second volume, but how do I order? Is there an address to preorder because the paying section would not work. Thank you and God’s blessing to you in all that you do.

    • admin

      Hi Almira! Thank you and God bless you! You can send a check or money order to 50 Pin Oak Way, Hamilton, GA 31811. Love and blessings!

  17. Delois Chiles

    I really loved this book because when I read Devotion in my phone It is a blessing to me. So I know that the second is going to be even better. Thanks for letting God use you to help us make it through our trials. Delois Chiles 😊❤❤

  18. Leticia McCollum

    I THANK my Heavenly Father for you, YOU are a true follower of our Lord Jesus Christ and love reading and mediating of the WORD, I admire you and you encourage me and so many sistetrs to walk in the Word the TRUE WORD…. AND Thank you for being transparent concerning your feelings when you are tired…. Because ut tells me its ok to be ok…. Love you in the LORD JESUS CHRIST….

  19. Nancy Egan

    Thank you for your uplifting devotionals.They help me to persevere in my time of need. God bless you & your ministry.

  20. Candy crayne

    Good morning 😃 Kesha I ordered the book but it won’t let me order by credit card so I order with by check instead what the address were I can send my check and order to?

  21. Angela Smith

    I real DOTK every morning. I feel God speaking directly to me through these readings. I am very excited about having a devotional in a book! Thank you for all you do you are changing lives through your hard and dedicated work! God bless you and your family💗

  22. Rigolene Noel

    Outstanding way of life for like myself and other women on this time. Thankyou for being a life vessel of God. May The Lord Jesus Keep his angles around you. Amen!

  23. Sharon Phillips

    Thank you so much Keisha Trippet for the divinely inspired words of DOTK. Your devotionals have spoken words of wisdom and encouragement into my heart and life. You are truly a blessing from God.. I look forward to getting the book, May God abundantly bless you and your family..

  24. Joy Holding-Hall

    Hi Keisha,
    I’m in Jamaica and will be pre-ordering. I’ve seen where others are having problems when making payment. In the event this happens, will you wait the three weeks for a Money Order to arrive from here?

    • admin

      Hi Joy! You can order the book and the book will be mailed to you in Jamaica. Some updates were made to the store. Please let me know if you experience any issues when placing an online order. Thank you!


    Thank you for answering God’s call yo inspire others. How do I get the book, I am in Lagos Nigeria.

    • admin

      Hi Ugonma! You are very welcome! You can order the book and the book will be mailed to you in Nigeria. Some updates were made to the store. Please let me know if you experience any issues. Thank you!


    Thank you for being obedient to my Father…your words of inspiration has bought me through some really tough days

  27. Sandra robinson

    So thankful and blessed God delivers just what we need and you a willing vessel. Ps how can i get volum 1

    • admin

      Hi Sandra, Volume 1 can be purchased on Amazon.

  28. Sheila D. Veal

    DOTK for me is like having a cup of coffee with God each morning

  29. Patricia Morales

    I can’t get in to purchase the book sorry but I can’t find the coupon code. I’m so inspired by the inspiration of God’s power-changing word. God continue to bless you richly. Love sister in Christ Patricia.

    • admin

      Hi Patricia! Sorry you are experiencing issues while trying to purchase the book. Some updates were made to the store. Can you please try again? Also, there is no code needed. Thank you!

  30. Bernadeth Wilken

    Do you also send to other countries? Especially Philippines?

    • admin

      Yes, we ship to the Philippines and to other countries!

  31. Aimee Olive

    Who can I contact about my address, I see the city was accidentally misspelled. It say Murrat instead of Murray

    • admin

      Hi Aimee! No worries. The corrected address has been noted.

  32. Hannylyn Gañgan

    Hi. Good day Kesha, I’m happy for you. I converted dollar to Philippine peso and the price of your book is the half of my salary for a month hahaha. I wish you are sell thin books for a cheaper price. I want to read your books- but can’t afford it, sorry. 🙁

  33. Hiedra

    Hi , I ordered my book on May 22nd 2020
    And I have Not received any confirmation about my order! Or when will it arrive can some one please get back to me on This!

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